We train and sell hand-selected working dogs for personal, estate, family, and executive protection that are unbelievably social while retaining the ability to defend their owner(s) ferociously in a moments notice.

1. Consultation

Our initial consultation will be in-depth and ask you a lot of questions such as household demographics, professions, goals, needs, expectations, and much more. Once we come to an understanding of what you are looking for in a protection dog, we will take a 50% deposit to begin sourcing your dog.

2. Selection

Sirius Protection Dogs partners only with the highest caliber breeders and vendors with a proven track record of integrity and excellence. We rigorously test and assess all dogs for the qualities and attributes you require based on our consultation. Once a selection has been made and approved by you, we will take the remaining 50% of your total costs. Delivery can be expected in between 60 and 90 days.

3. Training

Once payment has been completed, we begin training. Training always includes a high level of socialization to ensure your dog is capable of being obedient and balanced while in public. Training will include off-leash obedience, protection training, threat scenarios, and more.

4. Private Transfer

Once training is complete, we will arrange to escort and transport your new protection dog to you anywhere in the United States (Alaska and Hawaii may incur additional fees). Our team will spend 3 to 5 days with you to provide hands-on, specialized training so that you are fully capable and confident to take on life with your new canine.

5. Maintenance

We recommend that you maintain your dog’s protection capabilities by signing up for one of our maintenance training programs which are tailored to your specific needs and dog. The training maintenance program will be clearly outlined in writing and is completely optional.

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