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We provide hand-selected personal protection dogs capable of performing at the highest levels. Every dog is custom trained to our client's individual needs.

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We train + sell protection dogs

We train and sell hand-selected working dogs for personal, estate, family, and executive protection that are unbelievably social while retaining the ability to defend their owner(s) ferociously in a moments notice.

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Why Sirius?

Each person and family is different, that is why our staff will customize a fully trained protection dog to meet your lifestyle needs. Our easy to understand owner training program will provide you with the skills required to competently handle your dog in any scenario you may encounter.

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Real World Experience

Protection Training For Real World Scenarios

Our experience training and handling working dogs for the United States Marine Corps, Private Military Corporations and Federal Law Enforcement shows in the dogs we produce. Our staff has been involved in real-world operations where they have had to rely on their working dogs and the training they put into them to preserve their lives and the lives of those around them. Those life-or-death situations provide extrodinary insight and knowledge to train dogs based on real world threat scenarios.

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